The Game Name: Glitch Garden Description: Join forces with the garden to defend against the hungry animals. Released: May 2018 Progress This is the game that was held up numerous times in the past. The reason I re-started this game again is primarily to build portfolio. As I am trying to get into the game development […]

After a 2 year absence, I have returned and started on my next game.

Overview The end of one time period is a good time to reflect on events, take stock, assess victories and defeats, learn. Last year, I set out to complete the 12 games in 12 months challenge. I released 4 games and worked on an additional 3 to some level. I set a goal to update […]

Toys in the Dark (working title) As a young child you go to sleep one night, but instead of sweet dreams and rainbows, you have a nightmare. You find yourself in miniature in the middle of your room, but you are not alone. In the dark of your imagination your toys have come to life…and they are […]

The Game Name: Coin Collector Description: A 2D platformer where you traverse the levels and obstacles to collect the 10 coins before advancing to the next level. Released: September 2015 I don’t have a game number associated with this release. It could be Game 9 (September release) or Game 4 (only 3 have preceded it). Instead I’ll just […]

Checkers (working title) Game 7? Yes, in the series of 12. Consider games 4-6 on permanent hiatus. This game is a remake of the classic board game checkers. It will be single player (the other side will be AI controlled). Resources This game is intended as a building block towards building my game, but much more […]

It has been some time since I last posted here, 3 months to the day actually. That wouldn’t matter nearly as much, if I had kept up with my game development. The unfortunate truth is, I haven’t. These posts are meant to be about my journey as a game developer, so it is fitting that […]